The best 12900K PC build configuration. Most suitable for 12900K motherboards.Most suitable Water Cooling for 12900K .

Specifications of i9-12900K

The i9-12900K uses a 7-process technology and a design of 8 large cores + 8 small cores, with a total of 16 cores and a total of 24 threads (large cores are dual-threaded, and small cores are single-threaded). The large core is called the performance core, and the small core is called the energy efficiency core. The maximum core frequency is 5.2GHz. Support DDR4 and DDR5 memory. There are 20 PCIE channels in total, of which 16 are PCIE5.0 channels and 4 are PCIE4.0 channels. Compatible with PCIE4.0 solid state drives, combined with the Z690 chipset, supports multiple solid state drives working in PCIE4.0*4 state. In the past, Intel 11 and ZEN 3 basically only supported one PCIE 4.0 solid state (some motherboards support two).

The 12900K running scores posted online are as follows. Judging from the running scores, the Intel 12th generation processor is very good. The large and small cores are designed for the first use of Intel Core series processors. The design of large and small cores should be for the balance between performance and energy consumption. The optimization of intel processors has always been good, and the normal use of heat is very low.

Recommended DDR 5 memory with i9-12900K

The main features of DDR5 memory are as follows:

  • 1. The density of a single memory chip is higher. Theoretically, the maximum capacity of a single memory chip can reach 512G (currently a single memory chip is mainly 16G)
  • 2. The memory voltage is reduced to 1.1V, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  • 3. Bandwidth increases. Compared with DDR4/3200 and DDR5/4800, the bandwidth of DDR5/4800 has an 87% improvement.
  • 4. The basic frequency of DDR5 memory has been increased to 4800, but the first 4800 memory on the market has a higher latency (C40).
  • 5. DDR5 memory chip has error correction bits, and DDR5 memory has On-die ECC function.

At present, the frequency and timing of the first released DDR 5 memory are very conservative. Compared with DDR4, DDR5 provides a larger bandwidth. At present, the most benefited from the large bandwidth is the core display of the CPU. Subsequent high-frequency and low-latency DDR5 memory will bring a better gaming experience (Ziqi’s memory using Samsung particles will be on the market recently).

The best motherboards for  i9-12900K

The motherboard is recommended to match ROG STRIX Z690-E, which uses 18+1 power supply modules. One of the PCIE slots supports PCIE5.0*16 mode. There are three M.2 slots with heat dissipation on the motherboard, one of which supports PCIE5.0*4 mode, and the others support PCIE4.0*4 mode. An M.2 expansion card is also provided, and two additional M.2 solid-states (PCIE4.0*4 mode) can be installed. The wifi card is the latest WIFI6E.

Personally feel that there is no need to go to the more expensive HERO series motherboards. The Z690-E’s power supply and ancillary configuration are fully sufficient. Most users can’t fully utilize the performance of this motherboard.

ASUS ROG Z690-E. The M.2 expansion card is inserted on the motherboard

The best graphics card for i9-12900K

Gamers recommend using 3080TI or 6900XT graphics card. 3090 is of course good, but the price is nearly $1500 more expensive than the first two, but the game performance is only about 3% behind.

The best Cooling for i9-12900K

The actual maximum power consumption of 12900K can reach about 300W, so it is recommended to choose 360 ​​water cooling. It is recommended that you choose NZXT Kraken X73 or Corsair H150i. Both of them are very gaming 360 water cooling. Enjie X73 provides a 6-year warranty. Corsair H150i provides a 5-year warranty. Of course, ROG fans can choose RYUJIN II water cooling.

NZXT X73 water cooling

The best SSD for i9-12900K

At present, there is no suitable product for PCIE5.0 solid-state hard drives for civilian use. PCIE4.0 solid state has only been used for one year, and it has not been popularized yet. It is recommended that you choose PCIE4.0 SSD with i9-12900K. You can choose Samsung’s 980PRO. The current price of the 1T version is around $240.

The best power supply for i9-12900K

The power supply is recommended to choose the gold medal full-module power supply from two major manufacturers, SUPER FLOWER or Seasonic. The overall price/performance ratio is good. The function is recommended to be selected according to the graphics card, and it is recommended to start at 650W. For players who need to build a ROG family bucket, it is recommended to choose ROG, because the back line of the ROG Helios case requires a very long CPU power supply line, and most of the power supply’s CPU power supply line is not long enough, and the module line needs to be replaced.

Recommended chassis for i9-12900K

It is recommended to choose a chassis that supports the installation of 360 water cooling at the top, good air intake at the front, and can be equipped with a fan. Because the graphics card generates a huge amount of heat, enough fresh air from the front can let the heat generated by the graphics card be exhausted through the rear and top of the chassis as soon as possible, which helps to reduce the temperature in the chassis and avoid water cooling to dissipate the heat of the graphics card. The more cost-effective cases include Antec’s DA601 and CoolerMaster TD500 MESH, which can be done with more than $70. For the case near $200, you can choose CoolerMaster H500P and Lianli O11 and so on. Users who don’t like ARGB can choose fractal Design D7. I am also using this one myself. The mute and heat dissipation are both first-class, and the materials used are also solid. Of course, ROG Faith users recommend choosing the Helios case.

The best hardware list for using i9-12900K to build a PC

MotherboardROG Z690-E
CoolingNZXT X73
SSDSamsung 980 PRO 1T
RAMKingston DDR5 5200 32G
Graphics cardASUS TUF 3080TI
power supplySUPER FLOWER LEADERX G 1000
ChassisAntec DA601 (optional better)

I am not a ROG user. If you want to form a ROG family bucket, please replace the ROG hardware by yourself.


I personally think that the CPU pricing is quite reasonable, after all, the performance is here. But the current motherboard and memory prices are quite expensive, and you need to pay a price for early adopters. For gamers, you can choose 12600K or 12700K, with DDR4 memory . The motherboard collocation is as follows. 12600K is enough with ASUS P series motherboards. The 12700K can be matched with the Z690-A motherboard. Graphics card and power supply can be adjusted according to budget.