The best 12700K PC build configuration. Most suitable for 12700K motherboards.Most suitable Water Cooling for 12700K .

About intel 12th i7-12700K

The i7-12700K adopts a design of 8 large cores (Performance core, focusing on single-core performance) + 4 small cores (Efficient core, focusing on multi-threaded optimization), with a total of 12 cores and 20 threads. The maximum core frequency of the big core is 5.0GHz.

Cinebench R20 single-threaded
Cinebench R20 multi-threaded

It can be seen from the running scores transmitted on the Internet that the 12th generation of intel processors has made great progress. The starting price of  $409 is also reasonable.

Is i7-12700K compatible with DDR4 motherboard or DDR5 motherboard?

It is recommended that you use a Z690 motherboard that supports DDR4 memory. You can choose the entry board to reduce the cost of the whole machine. Because the current motherboards that support DDR5 memory are more expensive, the price is more than $450. The current price of DDR5 memory is also relatively expensive. The price of the 32G package with 4800 frequency (time sequence CL40) is around $400. The price of DDR4 memory with 4000 frequency (time sequence CL18) is around $240. The overall price difference between choosing DDR5 memory and DDR4 memory is more than $160. However, this improvement in game performance may not be obvious (more helpful for applications that require a lot of read and write memory).

It is recommended that you choose the Z690-A motherboard from the country of players to match the i7-12700K . This motherboard uses a 16+1 power supply module. There are 4 M.2 slots with heat dissipation. All are PCIE4.0*4 modes, one of them is the CPU channel, and the other 3 are the PCH channels (one of them is the channel shared with the sata interface, and there may be 2 if it is full of 4 M.2 solid state SATA interface cannot be used). The integrated WIFI6 wireless network card. Various interfaces are sufficient. The initial price is $400, which is not much more expensive than the Z590-A.

ROG Z690-A motherboard

The memory is recommended to be matched with Zhiqi DDR4 4000 frequency Royal Halberd.

Recommended Water Cooling for i7-12700K

i7-12700K is recommended with 360 water cooling. It is recommended to choose the H150i white version of the Corsair. But the buckle has not yet come out. It is recommended to wait and buy again.

Corsair H150i White ARGB Edition

SSD with i7-12700K

It is recommended to use the Samsung 980 PRO or Western Digital SN850 with PCIE4.0 for the solid state drive. The current price of Samsung 980 PRO 1T is about $200. It is still worth to buy.

Suggestions for matching i7-12700K with graphics card

Productivity users recommend buying graphics cards based on budget and needs. Usually, 3060 graphics cards are sufficient for video editing. Game users are recommended to match a graphics card above 3070TI to avoid wasting CPU performance. It is recommended that you use a 3080 graphics card and a power supply with a gold medal full-module power supply above 750W.

ROG White Raptor graphics card.

Friends who want to set up a white theme host can consider buying a white graphics card, such as ROG’s 3080 White Raptor.

Recommended chassis

It is recommended to choose a chassis that supports 360 water cooling. You can choose CoolerMster TD500 MESH. Both the front and top of this case support the installation of 360 water cooling. Three ARGB fans are standard. The price of $80 is reasonable, and the heat dissipation is also good.

CoolerMster TD500 MESH

If you want to buy a high-quality case can Choose Lianli’s O11 and Fractal Design D7 D7.

ROG’s Helios case is too expensive, and it is only recommended for friends with ROG beliefs. ROG chassis recommends that the power supply also choose ROG, because ROG chassis requires a relatively high length of the power supply CPU power supply line. For other power supplies, it will be more difficult to route the CPU power supply without replacing the custom module cable.

Recommended hardware list for i7-12700K

MotherboardROG Z690-A
(DDR4 memory)
CoolingCorsair H150i white
SSDSamsung 980 PRO 1T
RAMG.SKILL Royal  DDR4 4000 32G
power supplySUPER FLOWER LEADEX G 850
ChassisCoolerMaster TD 500 MESH white
Graphics card3070Ti / 3080 / 3080Ti


The performance of the 12700K is very powerful. But personally think that pure gamers choose 12600K very well. If you needs to broadcast the game, you can choose 12700K, so that the game and streaming can be completed on one computer.