RX6600 graphics card is the best PC building solution, RX6600 is best matched with power supply, and best matched with CPU. The best matching monitor with RX6600

let’s take a look at the specifications of the RX6600 graphics card

RX6600 and RX6600XT use the same Navi 23 architecture, but with fewer stream processing units. RX6600XT has 2048 stream processing units and RX6600 has 1792. The core frequency and video memory speed have been reduced. The design power consumption is 132W. In most cases, a 450W power supply is sufficient. AMD’s official positioning for the RX6600 is to run 3A masterpieces smoothly at 1080P resolution, and the performance is slightly weaker than the 3060 graphics card. 

Game frame rate under RX6600 1080 resolution

official game frame rate under 1080P

From the official frame rate scores given above and the professional evaluation scores of players, it can be seen that most of the RX6600 games have a frame rate of about 100 frames with high special effects, and most games with medium special effects can exceed 144 frames, which is more suitable for matching. 1080P high-brush display.

Game frame rate under RX6600 2K resolution (medium quality)

In RX6600 2K resolution, the frame rate of Big Cousin is around 90 frames, the frame rate of “Metro: Exodus” is around 70 frames, and the frame rate of “Horizon 4” is about 180 frames, and the frame rate of “Tomb Raider: Shadow” The frame rate is around 85 frames, the frame rate of Borderlands 3 is around 100 frames, and that of Far Cry 5 is around 100 frames.

From the above results, it can be seen that the RX 6600 with a 2K 144 display is difficult to run at full capacity. But you can also consider a 2K 144 monitor, after all, 2K 144 is the current mainstream.

The best match CPU for RX6600

RX6600 is recommended to match Intel’s 11 band i5 processor (11400F or 11600K is recommended) or AMD’s 5600X processor.

Whether you choose Intel’s i5 or AMD’s 5600X, the frame rate difference of most games is very small when other configurations are the same. Only the CPU-based game frame rate difference will be slightly more obvious.

i5-11400Fi5-11600KAMD 5600X
Maximum frequency4.4GHz4.9GHz4.6GHz
Single core performance (CPU-Z)565626624
Multi-core performance (CPU-Z)425647314811

Intel i5-11400F can be considered with B560M motherboard (H510 is also possible, but not much cheaper), i5-11600K is also recommended with B560M motherboard, because the price of Z590 is more than $150, and the price is not good. AMD 5600X can be equipped with MSI’s B550M Mortar WIFI.

5600X & MSI’s B550M Mortar WIFI.

All of the above CPUs can consider using Thermalright AS 120 PLUS air cooling. i5-11400F and AMD 5600X have their own air-cooled heat dissipation, which can meet the needs of daily games. The separately purchased cooling can make the CPU temperature lower at full load. 11600K can consider using 240 water cooling.

Thermalright AS 120 PLUS

The memory can be matched with 16G 3600 frequency memory. You need to enable XMP in the BIOS (the name of the memory option is different for different motherboards for B550) to run at the 3600 frequency.

The best match power supply for RX6600

The power consumption of the RX6600 is 132w, and the official recommended power supply is 450W. The power consumption of the graphics card plus the power consumption of the i5 or AMD5600X is around 300W (the power consumption of 11600K is higher, especially after overclocking, but the 450W power supply is also sufficient). The power consumption of the whole machine when actually playing games should be more than 200W.

It is recommended that you choose SUPER FLOWER 450W (with B series motherboards). The price is around $40 yuan, 80 plus bronze certification, and a 3-year warranty.


For users with sufficient budget, you can choose SUPER FLOWER 500W full-module power supply (with B series motherboard), which is small in size, uses all-Japanese capacitors, and provides a 7-year warranty. SUPER FLOWER LEADERX G 550W can also be selected (with Z series motherboard).

Recommended Hardware list for RX6600 graphics card

intel CPU+Motherboard11400F, 11600K+MSI Mortar B560M WIFI
AMD CPU+Motherboard5600X+ MSI Mortar B550M WIFI
CoolingThermalright AS 120 PLUS
RAMKingston 3600 16G
power supplyZhenhua Copper Emperor 450W
ChassisCooler Q300L
Graphics cardSapphire RX6600 Platinum Edition

The solid state of the above configuration can also be considered to be replaced with high-end solid state hard drives such as Samsung 980 and Western Digital SN750.

Memory can also use brands such as Inruida, Pirate, Zhiqi, etc. The frequency is recommended to choose 3600.

The chassis can be replaced with your favorite type, can support M-ATX motherboard, support heat dissipation height greater than 154mm, support standard size power supply.

If you don’t need WIFI, you can also choose a motherboard without wifi, the price can be tens of yuan cheaper.

If you want to save a little more money, the CPU buys an i3-10100F chip with an H410 motherboard, and then buys a second-hand 450W power supply. It’s the same for playing games.

Recommended display for RX6600

If you pursue the ultimate gaming experience, it is recommended to match a 1080p high refresh display. If you only focus on medium image quality, and considering the future, you can also choose 2K high-refresh monitors. Now gamers mainly choose 27-inch 2k high-refresh monitors.