In September 2021, use the CPU’s integrated graphics card to build a PC. Suitable for office and light game users.

Intel Pentium G6405 and i3-10105

CPUG6405 / i3-10105
MotherboardASUS H510M-A
CoolerCPU comes with
RAMKingston 3200 single 8G
ChassisTT S3
power supplyThe chassis comes with a 230W power supply
Pentium G6405

The intel Pentium G6405 has 2 cores and 4 threads, and the main frequency is 4.1GHz. The integrated graphics is UHD 610, which can meet the needs of daily office, movies, and small games.

The intel i3-10105 has 4 cores and 8 threads, the base frequency is 3.7GHz, and the maximum core frequency is 4.4GHz. The nuclear display is UHD 630. It can meet application scenarios such as daily office and general programming development.

The motherboard chooses ASUS PRIME H510M-A. This motherboard has good power supply and heat dissipation. The power supply part and the M.2 solid-state socket are equipped with heat sinks. The maximum support memory of 3200 frequency. With VGA, HDMI and DP video output interface. The motherboard can also choose H410M.

This two CPUs have their own heat dissipation, which can use the heat dissipation that comes with the CPU. 

The choice of memory is a single 8G 3200, which can meet daily use needs. Users who have more needs for memory can choose two 8G memories. The memory brand does not matter. You can also choose 2666 memory.

Kioxia RC10 is recommended for solid-state. The speed is good. The price of the solid-state drive is basically good for Kioxia RC10, and many brands have begun to reduce their allocation.

The chassis and power supply can be purchased in a package, and the configuration of this price is more cost-effective with the chassis power supply package. If you have requirements for the power supply, you can choose to buy a 450W power supply.

Intel i5-11400, i5-11500, i5-11600K, i7-11700, i9-11900

intel 11th Desktop CPUs
intel 11th Desktop CPUs

Intel i5-11400, i5-11500, i5-11600K, i7-11700, i9-11900 CPUs are suitable for high-end office users, such as programming development. Gamers who do not play CPU overclocking can also choose the above processors and add a discrete graphics card after the price of the graphics card is reduced. The current price of i5-11600K is around $260, and the price of mainstream Z590 motherboards is more than $200, so it is also recommended to be used with B560 motherboards. The recommended installation configuration scheme is as follows:

CPUIntel CPU without K
MotherboardMSI B560M Mortar WIFI
Cooleri5 with built-in Cooler
i7 and i9 recommend 240 water cooling
RAMKingston 3200 16G
power supplySUPER FLOWER 450W
ChassisCoolerMaster Q300L

The above CPU only has 11400 integrated UHD 730 core display (playable LOL, CSGO), and the rest is UHD 750 core display. 750 core shows better performance. It is recommended to choose a CPU above 11500. The core display of the 11th generation processor supports 4K displays.

The 12-channel CPU power supply used by the MSI B560M Mortar WIFI motherboard can meet the power requirements of the above CPU. The CPU power supply part is 8+4PIN. Most 450W power supplies have only one 8PIN interface (only 8pin is OK). If you are using i7 and above CPUs, try to buy a dual 8-pin power supply. If you use 450W power supply, you can add 3060 and 6600XT graphics cards in the future. 550W can be used on 3060TI and 6700XT graphics cards.

The solid-state drive used here is the cost-effective Kioxia RC10. Friends with sufficient budget can choose Western Digital Black Disk SN750, Samsung 980, 980 PRO.

Recommended here is the CoolerMaster Q300L chassis (supports 240 water cooling on the front, which will limit the length of the graphics card). If you want to use 240 water cooling and plan to add a discrete graphics card in the future, it is recommended to replace it with a larger case.

AMD 5600G, 5700G

First of all, let’s take a look at the parameter comparison of 5600G, 5700G, 5600X, 5800X:

modelNuclear displaycorefrequencyPCIE4.0Level 3 cache
5600G7 core
6 cores 12 threads3.9/4.4no16M
5600X/6 cores 12 threads3.7/4.6support32M
8 cores 16 threads3.8/4.6no16M
5800X/8 cores 16 threads3.8/4.7support32M

It can be seen that the CPU cores of AMD 5600G and 5700G have a certain degree of castration, and the performance is lower than that of 5600X and 5800X. Also does not support PCIE4.0.

5600G core display gaming performance.

AMD 5600G, 5700G equipped with Radeon Vega graphics card performance is still relatively strong. The performance is about 50% stronger than Intel’s UHD750. However, according to the feedback of friends who use 5700G, the heat is quite large, and it is recommended to choose 240 water cooling.

The recommended installation configuration scheme is as follows:

AMD 5700G
MotherboardMSI Mortar B550M WIFI
CoolerCoolerMster B240
RAMKingston 3200 16G
power supplySUPER FLOWER 450W
ChassisCoolerMaster Q300L

As AMD 5600G, 5700G does not support PCIE4.0. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the cost-effective RC10. Or Western Digital SN750, Samsung 980, 970 EVO PLUS.

If there is no plan to upgrade the independent display, the power supply with Copper Emperor 450W is very enough. If you have plans to upgrade the independent display in the future, it is recommended to choose a 80 Plus gold full-module power supply of 550W and above, and the case should be replaced with a larger case.