The best 11900K PC build configuration. Most suitable for 11900K motherboards, and most suitable for 11900K graphics cards.

About intel i9-11900K

Intel’s eleventh generation i9-11900K is the last generation product of the 14nm process, and the 12th generation will use the 10nm process. This upgrade of i9-11900K is also full of sincerity. Adopting a new architecture, supporting PCIE4.0, the CPU provides 20 PCIE4.0 channels, 16 for graphics cards, 4 for M.2 solid state drives (supporting a PCIE4.0×4 solid state drive), supported memory The frequency is increased to 3200. It adopts the Xe architecture core display and supports the latest AV1 video encoding, which is very good news for video processing users. However, the number of cores is 2 less than the previous generation i9.

Parameters of i9-11900K

What is the performance of the i9-11900K, which has two cores less than the previous generation i9?

At present, the i9-11900K has not officially lifted the ban, and the actual performance is still unknown. However, it can be seen from the current running scores officially released by Intel that the game can be improved significantly, and the office performance is also greatly improved. The maximum core frequency is up to 5.3GHz, and the single-core performance is still very powerful.

Game performance comparison between i9-11900k and i9-10900K “Total War”, “Gears of War 5”, “Super Touring Car Race 2019”, and “Microsoft Flight Simulator”.
Comparison of office performance between the 11th generation I9 and the 10th generation

From the above running scores, it can be seen that the game performance of the eleventh generation i9-11900K is about 10% higher than the previous generation. Office performance is also more obvious.

What motherboard is recommended for the eleventh generation i9-11900K / i9-11900KF?

The motherboard is recommended to match MSI’s Z590 CARBON WIFI  . Users with a larger budget can consider the Z590-E of ROG. Enthusiasts can consider Gigabyte’s Z590 AORUS MASTER motherboard or ROG’s M13H.


The MSI Z590 GAMING CARBON WiFi uses 16+1+1 power supply (75A), and the CPU power supply interface is 8+8pin. There are 3 M.2 ports with heat dissipation, one of which supports PCIE4.0. Integrated 2.5G wired network card and WIFI6E wireless network card (the latest intel AX210 chip with Bluetooth 5.2). The integrated IO panel used.


ROG Z590-E GAMING WIFI motherboard

The 14+2 power supply module (70A) used by the player country Z590-E, 8+4pin power supply interface. There are 4 M.2 hard disk interfaces, supporting PCIE4.0. Integrated dual 2.5G wired network card and a wireless card WIFI6E (AX210 chip, with Bluetooth 5.2).

Country of Gamers Z590-E GAMING WIFI motherboard


GIGABYTE Z590 AORUS MASTER motherboard adopts 18+1 phase direct power supply (90A), 8+8PIN power supply interface. There are 3 sets of M.2 slots, supporting PCIE4.0. Integrated 2.5G wired network card and wifi6E wireless network card (AX210 chip).


Recommended Cooler for i9-11900K / i9-11900KF:

The power consumption of the previous generation i9-10900K at full load is around 250w, and the power consumption of this generation i9-11900K may be even more terrifying. It is recommended to use 360 ​​water cooling. It is recommended to choose Kraken X73, EK 360, or Corsair H150i and similar products.


Recommended graphics card for i9-11900K / i9-11900KF

For gamers, matching with 3080Ti or 3090 is definitely a good choice. AMD’s 6800XT and 6900XT are also good. But a card is hard to find at present. You can consider temporarily using the old graphics card or using the core display that comes with the i9-11900K.

ROG 3090

Recommended memory for i9-11900K / i9-11900KF

It is recommended to match 32G 3600 frequency DDR4 memory. Consider Kingston’s 3600 32G suit. Personally recommend using the G.SKILL Royal 3600 32G suit. The ARGB light bar is pretty flattering.

It is recommended to choose a SSD that supports PCIE4.0

PCIE4.0’s solid-state drive speed is twice as fast as the previous generation product. It is recommended to choose a 1TB PCIE4.0 SSD. If the budget is limited, you can also consider buying 250G or 500G as the system disk, and then choose a large-capacity ordinary M.2 NVME protocol SSD.

Samsung 980 PRO

Recommended power supply for i9-11900K / i9-11900KF

Z590 motherboard needs to select a power supply that supports 8+8PIN CPU power supply. It is recommended to purchase a power supply with a rated power of 750W or more, which can meet the power requirements of the CPU+3090 or 6900XT graphics card. It is recommended to use SUPER FLOWER LEADERX G 750 (rated 750w, 100w redundancy, actual rated 850w), ten-year warranty, 80 plus gold , full module, appearance and performance are online (module interface with white light effect), the price is also Moderate.

Recommended chassis

Because of the use of 360 water cooling, it is recommended to choose a chassis that supports 360 water cooling on the top. The air enters from the front and the hot air exhausts from the top. The air duct is more scientific.

The Fractal Design D7 uses solid materials and has a modular and silent design. The appearance design is relatively simple. There is a non-side-through version, and a black version.

Fractal Design D7

Recommended i9-11900K / i9-11900KF installed configuration list:

categoryAccessory model
CPUi9-11900K / i9-11900KF
MotherboardMSI’s Z590 CARBON WIFI
CoolerCorsair H150i
GPU3080/3090 / 6900XT
SSDSamsung 980 PRO 1T
RAMG.SKILL Royal 3600 16G × 2
power supplySUPER FLOWER LEADERX G 750
ChassisFractal Design D7