The best 11600K PC build configuration. Most suitable for 11600K motherboards.

About intel i5-11600KF

Intel’s 11th-generation i5-11600KF uses a 14nm process with a total of 6 cores and 12 threads. The base frequency is 3.9GHz, and the maximum core frequency is 4.9GHz. Compared with the previous generation 10600KF, the maximum core frequency has a 0.1GHz increase. Support DDR4 3200 frequency memory, the previous generation 10600KF only supports 2666 memory. The i5-11600KF provides 20 PCIE4.0 channels, of which 16 channels are used by the graphics card, and the remaining 4 are used by the M.2 solid-state drive (supporting a PCIE4.0 solid-state drive).

11th Gen intel CPU

Compared with the previous generation i5-10600K, i5-11600K has the following upgrades:

  • New architecture
  • 0.1GHz higher maximum core frequency
  • Support PCIE4.0
  • Support 3200 frequency memory

The best motherboards for Intel’s 11th generation i5-11600K

The B560 and Z590 motherboards matched with the 11th generation processors both support PCIE4.0, and both support memory overclocking. The difference is that the B560 cannot overclock the CPU core. The current mainstream B560M motherboard price is $130-$180.  Z590 motherboards are generally more than $200, and the price of Z590 motherboards with excellent workmanship and materials is around $400. It is recommended that you choose B560M motherboard with i5-11600K processor. It is recommended to use MSI B560M Mortar WIFI . Gigabyte’s B560M AORUS PRO AX configuration is very high, but the price is around $180, so it is not recommended here.


ASUS TUF B560M-PLUS WIFI motherboard adopts 8+1 phase power supply module, has 2 M.2 slots, one of which has a heat sink and supports PCIE4.0. Integrated WIFI6 wireless network card (AX200, with Bluetooth 5.1) and 2.5G wired network card. The back uses an integrated IO panel (only the heavy gunner PRO in the previous generation was an integrated panel). There are B560M heavy gunner motherboards without wifi card, and the price is $20 cheaper.

ASUS TUF B560M-PLUS WIFI Heavy Gunner Motherboard

MSI B560M Mortar WIFI

The MSI B560M Mortar WIFI motherboard uses 12-way power supply with two M.2 ports. The CPU power supply interface uses 8+4PIN. In the B560 motherboard, only the mortar motherboard uses 8+4PIN. It can be seen from this that this generation of mortar motherboards pays special attention to the power supply of the CPU . Integrated the latest WIFI6E wireless network card . WIFI6E is the adopted AX210 chip with Bluetooth 5.2 function. In the current B560 motherboard, only mortars use the latest WIFI6E. The current price is the same as that of ASUS Heavy Gunner WIFI. Both are 999 yuan. The configuration of MSI is significantly higher. Choosing a heavy gunner power supply requires an additional investment of 100 yuan (the motherboard with 8+8pin CPU power supply is more expensive). Personally recommend choosing the mortar motherboard. ASUS fans can choose heavy gunners.



If you don’t need a wifi card can consider the Gigabyte B560M AORUS ELITE motherboard. This motherboard uses 12+1 phase digital power supply and has two M.2 slots, one of which has a heat sink and supports PCIE4.0. Integrated 2.5G wired network card, no wifi wireless network card. The main difference from AORUS PRO and AORUS PRO AX lies in the stacking material.


If need ITX and ATX full-size motherboard  can consider ROG’s B560-i and B560-A

ROG STRIX B560-I GAMING WIFI motherboard

The ROG STRIX B560-I GAMING WIFI motherboard is an ITX version. Adopt 6+2 power supply module. Integrated wifi6 wireless network card and 2.5G wired network card. There are 2 M.2 slots (one on the back of the motherboard).


The ROG STRIX B560-A GAMING WIFI motherboard is ATX version. It adopts 8+2 phase DrMOS power supply module, integrated WIFI6 wireless network card and 2.5G wired network card. There are two M.2 SSD slots.

If want to perform CPU overclocking, it is recommended to choose MSI Z590-A PRO or Gigabyte Z590 UD AC


The power supply part of MSI Z590-A PRO CPU adopts 12+1+1 power supply design, and the power supply interface adopts 8+4pin. There are 3 M.2 slots, one of which has a heat sink and supports PCIE4.0. Integrated 2.5G wired network card, no wifi6 wireless network card, and no M.2 2232KIT interface used by wifi6 network card. The io part also does not use an integrated IO panel.

Gigabyte Z590 UD AC 

Gigabyte Z590 UD AC motherboard uses 12+1 phase digital power supply and integrates WIFI5 wireless network card (802.11AC, with Bluetooth function). There are 3 M.2 slots, one of which supports PCIE4.0 and has a heat sink. 8+4pin used for CPU power supply. The integrated IO panel design adopted. The price is about 1599 yuan.

The best cooler for i5-11600K

The design power consumption of i5-11600K is 125W. It is recommended to choose Thermalright AS120PLUS type air cooling, or 120, 240 water cooling.

The best graphics card for i5-11600K

It is recommended to match 3060, 3060TI, or 3070 graphics cards. AMD’s 6700XT is also good. But graphics cards are hard to buy at present, 3060 has risen to around $800. You can temporarily use the GPU that comes with the CPU. This CPU integrates a UHD 750 graphics card, which has a performance increase of 50% compared to the UHD 630. Can play games such as LOL and CSGO smoothly.

The best SSD for i5-11600K

i5-11600KF supports PCIE4.0, friends with a budget suggest to choose PCIE4.0 solid state drive, which is twice as fast as PCIE3.0 solid state drive. At present, the most popular PCIE4.0 solid state is Samsung 980 PRO, the sequential write speed can reach 5000 MB/s, the sequential read speed can reach 6900 MB/s. The price of 1TB is about $200, and the price of 500GB is $120 . It is recommended to buy 500G for system disk and install applications. An ordinary solid-state hard drive will be added later.

Samsung 980 PRO

The best memory for i5-11600K


i5-11600K supports DDR4 3200 frequency memory. If you don’t need light effects, it is recommended to choose Kingston’s FURY  3200 16G suit. If you need light effects, you can choose G.SKILL Trident Z RGB or royal 16G .

The best power supply for i5-11600K


The power supply is recommended to be selected according to the matching graphics card and motherboard.

NVIDIA 3060 graphics card can choose 550w power supply. Such as SUPER FLOWER 550W。

3060TI, 3070, 6700XT graphics cards can choose 650w power supply.  Such as SUPER FLOWER LEADERX G 650W

If you use Z590 motherboard or Mortar B560M motherboard, it is recommended to choose  Such as SUPER FLOWER LEADERX G 650W. Because Z590 motherboard CPU power supply uses 8+4PIN. LEADEX G series power supply can be satisfied.

Of course, you can also choose power supplies from brands such as Corsair, SEASONIC. It’s just that I personally like to use SUPER FLOWER power supply.

Choice of chassis

If it is an M-ATX motherboard . With air cooling or 120 water cooling, you can choose the cooler master Q300L. If you use 240 water cooling, you can use cooler master NR400.

If you use an ATX motherboard , the chassis can be DA601 from Antec or PURE BASE 500 from Be quiet.

The best hardware list for using i5-11600K to build a PC

  • CPU: i5-11600KF / i5-11600K
  • Motherboard: MSI Mortar B560M WIFI / GIGABYTE Z590M GAMING X
  • Cooler: CoolerMaster B240
  • Graphics card: 3060 12G
  • SSD: Samsung 980 PRO 500G + Samsung 980 1TB
  • Memory: G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 3200 16G / 32G
  • Power supply: SUPER FLOWER LEADERX G 550W
  • Chassis: CoolerMaster NR400
  • Fans: CoolerMaster MasterFan MF140 HALO ARGB *3