Shenzhen interviews 8 “currency-related” companies

On the morning of the 18th, Shenzhen Mutual Gold Rectification Office held a special rectification meeting on virtual currency illegal activities. At the meeting, relevant departments jointly interviewed 8 “currency-related” companies, including a wholly-owned subsidiary of Internet Online (835727.OTC), BitKan trading platform invested by Bitmain.

According to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News reported on November 22, as of that time, the Shenzhen Financial Bureau had passed the Tencent Lingmao system to remove 39 illegal activity involving “currency”.

“We conducted online investigations in the early stage, and then conducted offline investigation through some other methods, but the companies that have not been interviewed do not mean that it is okay, and the companies that are interviewed today do not mean that it must be problematic. Further verification is underway. “The relevant staff of Shenzhen Financial Bureau explained to the reporter of Science and Technology Board Daily.

“Bitcoin Watch” of Bitmain Investment Listed

On December 16, Shenzhen Mutual Funds Rectification Office issued the “Notice on Convening a Special Rectification Meeting on Virtual Currency Illegal Activities” (hereinafter referred to as “Meeting Notice”), convening the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Economic Investigation Bureau, the People ’s Bank of China Shenzhen Branch, Shenzhen Ten units including the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau and various district rectification offices attended the meeting.

According to the “Notice of the Meeting”, of the 8 companies interviewed this time, 2 were suspected of launching virtual currency exchanges, and the other 6 were suspected of conducting token financing activities.

The reporter of the Science and Technology Board Daily learned that Shenzhen Digital Singularity Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Singularity Technology”), which was suspected of carrying out a virtual currency exchange, was operated by the currency-seeing app to provide fiat currency trading and aggregate currency trading. , Community information and other services, and issued the platform coin KAN.

The Coin Watch platform launched KAN on June 13 last year, and on the sixth day of the launch, it hit the highest price of 0.0299 US dollars, and then fell all the way, compared with the opening price of the first day, it has dropped by 90%.

“Bitcoin Watch can’t return to investors to issue currency only in Bitmain.” Some people in the currency industry told reporters. Tianyancha shows that in April 2016, Singularity Technology received a 15 million yuan A round of investment from Bitmain, and completed 10 billion US dollars in B round two years later. Investors include Bitmain, IDG Capital, and Zhongyunhui Capital. However, the company was cancelled in July this year.

Despite the rumors of the currency watch, the company mentioned in the “Notice of the Meeting” is a current affiliate company of the currency watch, and the currency company cancelled the domestic company after the “94”. The current registered place is in Japan and Singapore, and the operating entity is overseas. However, multiple clues show that Singularity Technology was the main operating body of Coin Watch. For example, its Sina Weibo certification body is Singularity Technology.

Shenzhen Maiguoer Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Maiguer), which was also suspected of carrying out a virtual currency exchange, also responded this afternoon that the company’s business scope does not involve token issuance, sales, private placement, and trading And other categories.

The reporter of Science and Technology Board Daily noted that the company ’s Maiguer App claims to be a new type of social e-commerce platform based on the value social foundation operation, and realizes the value of interpersonal relationship resources through the “share + share + new retail” model. Conversion. In July of this year, Mai Guoer announced a strategic cooperation with the digital currency exchange WBFex, and its issued token VSC will be listed on WBFex and promoted through the latter’s official channels.

It is worth mentioning that there are a large number of articles on the Internet claiming that, under the guise of “consumer full rebate”, Mai Guoer used the method of pulling heads, paying membership dues, and rebate points to lure users to join, suspected of fundraising fraud and MLM.

Starlink (002183.SZ) ‘s Starlink Friends Store also adopts the “share money” and “consumer rebate” models, claiming to be a new type of community e-commerce platform that subverts Taobao and Jingdong. In June of this year, the Associated Press once released “Eastar Star Chain Friends Store Accused of Fake Blockchain and Disguised ICO Under Listed Company and State-owned Assets Aura”. “East Asia Star Chain Friends Store Accused of MLM Marketing” Investigation Report. Currently, Xinglian Youdian is still active, and announced in November that the monthly transaction scale on its platform has reached hundreds of millions of yuan. However, Xinglian Youdian announced at the beginning of the year that its token “Star Diamond” will be listed on the Huobi Exchange in July this year, but has not yet been launched.

See also “Fun Step” model

Tianyancha and other public information show that among the other six companies suspected of token financing identified in the Notice of Meeting, Shenzhen Kaipai Network Technology Co., Ltd. started trading of star tokens (entertainment coupons), and Shenzhen Xingyun Digital Network Technology Co., Ltd. ( (Hereinafter referred to as “Xingyun Technology”) issued “Xingyun Coin”, Shenzhen Aipu Software Co., Ltd. operates UPBTC quantitative trading software, and Shenzhen Internet Online Information Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Internet Online (835727.OTC), developed In the AD blockchain, Shenzhen Wireless Weshang Technology Co., Ltd. operates HOB (and chain), and Shenzhen Huashang Times Network Technology Co., Ltd. issued BST (Xiang Chain).

Among them, Xingyun Technology is engaged in the development of healthy wearable devices and sports value-added services. After downloading the Xingyun Sports App, users can get “Xingyun Coin” token rewards through the amount of exercise. Xingyun Coin (MCC) claims to be the first digital currency based on smart wearable sports mining, and sports is “mining.”

The non-small market shows that since the launch of Xingyun Coin at the end of July last year, the current price of the currency has fallen by more than 98%, only 0.004339 yuan, which is close to zero.

The reporter noticed that the fun step, which also uses the “walk and make money” model, has been filed for investigation by the Changsha Industry and Commerce Bureau in October this year for suspected Internet pyramid schemes, illegal fund raising, and financial fraud. On November 18, CCTV’s “Focus Interview” directly pointed out that Qubu is a pseudo application that borrows the banner of the blockchain, which has nothing to do with the blockchain itself.